Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Understanding and Check Pagerank


Understanding and check the page rank is to know when friends make friends and learn SEO blog. For understanding PageRank is :

" Tools to determine the extent of your website / blog is well developed. In a sense the original website / blog and many links that lead to pages we will create a web / blog we have a high pagerank "

Pagerank measurement not only that, SEO is very influential in determining page rank. Because the calculation of pagerank also consider meta tags, meta descriptions, etc.. Although the formula is in Wikipedia, but must develop algorithms on google pagerank calculation from year to year and do not necessarily like it. May outline almost like that.

How to check the pagerank of your web / blog? to check the pagerank please enter the web address / blog in the field below. Or if a friend can use mozillia please download Seoquake or please search pagerank in the search field add-ons. Will be out a wide range of tools to check the pagerank. Please select a friend, not a lot later even made my friend confused.


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